LOCAL: (305) 395-5742


Where is Big Pine Petals & Vines located?

Big Pine Petals & Vines is located in Ramrod Key, FL.

I have a few questions, how can I contact Big Pine Petals & Vines?

Have questions regarding the details of an order, delivery, or other needs, please feel free to contact Big Pine Petals & Vines at (305) 395-5742. We would be happy to assist you.

Schedule delivery now so you don't have to worry later.

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible. The sooner the better. By placing your order early and scheduling your future delivery in advance, you secure your selection. This will prevent any flower substitutions that you could experience if you placed your order in the thick of a high order volume time and limited supply.

The later your order is placed, the riskier your chances are to receive the exact florals you desire. During an order dense period of time, such as Christmas, specific flower supplies run low or go out of stock and the shop relies upon a new shipment to come in. This often results in flower substitutions when filling an order with a pressing time frame, due to a late order.

Provide yourself with assurance and peace of mind by placing your order earlier rather than later.